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Transmission Engineering Company is the nation’s leading provider of products and services that help businesses keep their operations running productively and profitably. We apply our considerable expertise to help our customers decrease employee and equipment downtime, improve inventory management, reduce maintenance
and repair costs, and redesign production systems.

Posital Fraba

Transmission Engineering, TECO, Inc., is proud to represent Posital Fraba, one of world's leaders in: Absolute Encoders, Rotary Encoders, Linear Sensors, Inclinometers and Accessories. Their products control many of the world's most sophisticated industrial machines everyday.

Banner® is a global leader in process and industrial automation, helping customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes, and safeguard employees. Banner offers you the most complete and integrated line of sensing and machine safety products including photo eyes, sensors, vision sensors, wireless sensors, machine safety, e-stop devices, vision lighting, and a wide assortment of indicator lights, tower lights, stack lights, and pick to lights.

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Nexen High Capacity Spring-Engaged Brakes
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TECO Recommendation
Scott's company, TECO, provides personal service at a fair price.  This is an all inclusive parts   and service company led by S...
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  I have had the pleasure of working with Scott fairly closely over the last 5 years.  In that time, I've   found Scott to...
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